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Braile RFID Etiquetas para embotellado Etidoble


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Labels with special finishes:


Labels with special finishes:


RFID: We develop you RFID project.

Segurity: Solutions to show unwanted manipulations of the products.

Braile: transcription of the information in Braille language.

Iridiscentes: This tag offers your clients the possibility to give a novel image of your products with an iridescent finish.

Soft-touch: for those products that need a silky finish or peach skin. A nice feel and an antiskid effect make SoftTouch the perfect solution for personal care products.

Fragancias: These tags incorporate the sense of smell to the sight to involve and intensify the advertising effect. The aroma can motivate costumers to buy the product!







Etiquetas de seguridad Braile Etiquetas iridiscentes etiquetas soft-touch

Etiquetas de fragancias






RFID Etiqueta RDIF RFID, etiqueta RFID etiquetas

RFID, bobinas


Labels for edibles:


Bottling: all the solutions for the industry of wine, liquor, oil… (adhesive tags, with  wet glue application, unique products…).

Hanging labels: for bottles with a narrow neck: new releases of products, cross-selling, recipes, coupons…

Biodegradable: we have a variety of biodegradable and recyclable materials

ELASTITAG® is a unique and patented tag ideal for the release of new products, cross promotions … and all of this without a change to your actual Packaging and decoration of your product. Possible manual and automatic manipulation.

Easy Open: It allows the repeated opening and closing of the product.  





Hanging labels


Easy Open

Biodegradables Etiquetas para embotellado Etiquetas colgantes para botellas Elastiband

Easy open


Promotional Labels:


Groupings: promotional solution to sell more units of the product for each purchase. In rolls of adhesive tags.

Double-tag: book like shaped tag, perfect to provide with extensive instructions and descriptions of the product in reduced space.

Coupons: tags with an integrated coupon or discount on it. This tag is adhesive; it can be taken off and put back on whenever desired.

Stop & Buy: these are the ideal tags to get the customer’s attention about special offers, promotions, discounts…

Exclusive Code: the perfect tag to get customers in the web. The customer introduces the code supplied in the tag to get prizes, discounts, and other offers.






Stop & Buy

Exclusive Code

Agrupaciones Etidoble Cupones Stop & buy

Etiquetas de código único


Promotional Labels for kids:


Dry Tattoo: visible impact, applied in dry, easy dispensed, active in the linear

Stickers: the traditional chromes, but with the advantage that they can be put on and taken off as many times as one wants.

Lenticulars and 3D: the only in the market that come in rolls. They are available as dry chromes or as adhesive tags. The shocking visual effects achieved (depth or movement) create emphasis that attracts the customer.

PSP: it’s the concept of a toy in a tag. It’s a three layer tag that has stickers to be able to play with them.

Magnet tag: multilayer promotional tag that has a magnet so it can be tagged on the fridge. It can be supplied in rolls so it can be applied automatically.



Dry Tattoos




Magnet tag

dry-tatoos stickers Lenticulaeres-3d PSP



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